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WORK Gran Seeker CCX (3 piece)

WORK Gran Seeker CCX (product link) 3 piece construction with custom color and bolt pattern option available. Available in 19″ step or 20″ step lip.  Email us for pricing. Color Available:   Clear Finish:  Clear Red, Clear Grey or Clear Blue, Imperial Gold. Painted Finish:  Burning Silver, Burning Black, Matte Bronze, Gloss Bronze, Matte Black, … Continue reading WORK Gran Seeker CCX (3 piece)

WEDSSPORT SA20R in 19″ and 20″

WEDSSPORT release SA20R in 19″ and 20″ spec. Lightweight characteristic and low cost. 19″ starting at 21 lbs and 20″ starting at 23 lbs both are below $2000 per set of four wheels.  Standard finish are silver and black. More Pictures Available Here

RAYS VOLK Racing TE37SL Black Edition II (re-release)

Due to popular demand, RAYS Japan has re-release the TE37SL Black edition.  The new Black Edition II comes with the same green spoke decals.  In addition, new laser edging are done at the lip area.  For more detail see link below.