RavSpec Financing – We offer two financing options

Option 1:

Financing through Bread

  • Fair to good credit score required.
  • 0% to 30% APR in 3/6/12/24 months options available
  • You can check your APR and credit line prior to purchase. The best credit score allows 0% for 12-month payment terms or a low interest rate for 24-month payment terms.
  • To check your rate, use the link here: https://www.ravspec.com/breadfinancing
  • Browse our website for the products you want to purchase and find the Bread financing button on the product detail page.  Click on the button for the application process.

Option 2:

Car CareOne program by Synchrony Bank (previously GM Financing)

  • Good to high credit score required
  • Offer 0% financing for 6 months or 12 months.
  • Can be used at Mobile or Exxon gas stations or tire install facilities.
  • To apply, click here: http://www.ravspec.com/nointerestfinance
  • After you are approved and receive your account number, please contact us to place your order.