Eikosha Air Spencer Freshener Cartridge


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Product Description

Looking for a strong, long-lasting air freshener? Air Spencer air fresheners are a 2 in 1 design, both solid and sponge type that will last 8-10 weeks. Fragrance intensity can be adjusted from normal or extreme. Its round shape makes it ideal to sit in a cup holder or underneath the seat. Available in 44 different fragrances.

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Weight 1 lbs

After Shower, Anti-Tobacco Green Air, Apple, Aqua Shower, Baby Powder, Blue Iris, Blue Musk, Bright Musk, Caramel Cafe, Citrus, Clear Squash, Coral Shine, Dry Squash, Eternal Memory, First Love, Grapefruit, Green Breeze, Green Tea, Gucini, Happy, Healing Shower, Joli Air, Lafrancy, Lemon Lime, Lemon Squash, Marine Squash, Mist Shower, Night Queen (Addict Type), Pink Shower, Pop GIrl, Pure Smooth, Rosado, Sazan Squash, Sexy Boy, Sexy Squash, Shower Bouquet, Shower Cologne, Sparkling Squash, Squash, White Floral, White Squash, Whity Musk, Wild Berry, Xu (Pour Homme Type)