Euroster II Betty Smith Edition * Indigo Blue Jeans Material

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  • Price per seat only.
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Product Description


Casual reclining seat made from Japan denim fabric

EUROSTERII BettySmith is a new kind of sports seat born out of a joint development between BRIDE and the jeans maker, Betty Smith.
The basic design is the same as the EUROSTERII, with a focus on comfort and usability. You won’t get tired even driving long distances. The casual and well-balanced design and form match a wide variety of vehicles, from sports cars to family cars.
*The seat cover is made from Japanese denim. This is the same denim fabric used to make clothing, meaning you can enjoy the unique deep appearance of denim for a long time to come. Please take all necessary care to avoid the color transferring onto light colored clothing.

These denim fabric also made to be fire retardant.