Ford Focus ST Racing Downpipe

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Product Description

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    (ideal for racing purposes with our Focus ST Supreme ST exhausts sold separately)

The Ford Focus ST Racing Downpipe is designed as the ideal off-road addition for our ’13-’16 Focus ST, 3″ Supreme SP cat-back exhaust.   This large diameter, free-flow test-pipe features a machined V-band flange, that links to the factory turbo outlet, while the 3″ two-bolt flange matches perfectly with a GReddy Focus ST Supreme SP exhaust. (OEM compatible hangers and O2 bungs)  Power tests have shown substantial increase in power and torque throughout the entire RPM range, with peak gains of 35.8whp and 21.1ft.lbs. over the the factory unit.  Like all GReddy stainless steel exhaust systems they are made from fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel.

Make: Ford
: Focus ST
Years: 2013-16

Chassis:  Global C Platform
Engine: EcoBoost
Type:   Cat-back exhaust, center exit

Number of pieces:  1pcs.
Piping:   76 mm (3.0″)

Weight:  TBA lbs   (Stock weight  TBA lbs)
Sound level:  96 dB(a)

HP:  +35.8 hp
TRQ:  +21.1 ft-lbs