OHLINS Road & Track Coil Over System For BMW 3-series (E90) (2006 ~ 2012)


Pricing is per car set and includes springs.

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Product Description

OHLINS Road & Track Coil Over System For BMW 3-series (E90) (2006 ~ 2012)

Spring Rate Data:

Front: 60 N/mm // 343 lbs/in. // 6 k/mm Rear: 160 N/mm // 915 lbs/in. // 16 k/mm

Damping rate on the R&T units is fully adjustable and ties compression and rebound together as a matched setting, meaning that in 99% of cases, the units will work superbly, straight ‘out of the box’ with only the smallest adjustments required to suit the car or drivers individual preferences. Despite what other suspension manufacturers may tell you, comfort is king, even when you are trying to set-up a competition machine. Our vast experience on events like the World Rally Championship and Isle of Man TT races has shown us that the fastest drivers and riders are those that aren’t being shaken to bits as they go flat out. The ‘science of compliance’ is a hugely important part of our design work.
And last but not least, is durability. But hey, we’re Swedish, so chances are you have already guessed that we’re used to building components that survive one of the toughest environments in the World. The carbon steels bodies are salt spray tested and can service 240 hours of abuse, whilst still retaining function. Don’t let those stunning race car looks fool you. These are real-world units for daily driven cars.