RAYS Gramlights 57Transcend (Graphite Finish)


RAYS Gramlights 57Transcend Summer Sales (Graphite Finish).  Summer sales now.  Use coupon code rays5off for additional discount.  See below for more info.

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G57TRSL118x9.5385-114.3STI, 2015 WRX$519.00 $493.05
G57TRSL218x9.5255-114.3EVO X, 370Z, S14 Front$519.00 $493.05
G57TRSL318x9.5395-100WRX, Forester, FRS, BRZ$519.00 $493.05
G57TRSL418x10.0405-114.32015+ Subaru WRX, STI$529.00 $502.55
G57TRSL518x10.5205-114.3EVO X, 370z, S14 Rear$540.00 $513.00
G57TRSL615X8.0284-100Civic, Miata$320.00 $304.00
G57TRSL715X8.0354-100Civic, Miata$320.00 $304.00
G57TRSL817X8.5404-100Miata$458.00 $435.10
G57TRSL917X9.0405-100BRZ, FRS, WRX$468.00 $444.60
G57TRSL1017X9.0405-114.3S2000, 2015+ WRX$468.00 $444.60
G57TRSL1117X9.5255-114.3S13, S14, RX7, RX8$479.00 $455.05
G57TRSL1217X9.5405-114.3S2000, 2015+WRX$479.00 $455.05
G57TRSL1319x9.5225-120BMW M3, M4 Front$591.00 $561.45
G57TRSL1419x10.5225-120BMW E46, E92 Front$611.00 $580.45
G57TRSL1519x10.5355-120BMW F80/F82 M3/M4 Rear$611.00 $580.45
G57TRSL1619x9.5255-114.3350Z/370Z, RWD Front$591.00 $561.45
G57TRSL1719x10.5205-114.3350z/370Z, RWD, Rear$611.00 $580.45

RAYS Gramlights 57Transcend Summer Sales (Graphite Finish) – End of Summer Sales

New flow foam cast wheels from RAYS Japan.   Gram lights 57Transcend overseas model.

Concave face design with shaved spoke pockets.  Matte graphite finish and “RAYS” logo laser edge.  Many application available.

NOTE:  Use coupon code rays5off for additional discount.  Price listed are per wheel.  Minimum 4 piece (full set) are required.

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2015+ Subaru WRX, STI, 350Z/370Z, RWD Front, 350z/370Z, RWD, Rear, BMW E46, E92 Front, BMW F80/F82 M3/M4 Rear, BMW M3, M4 Front, BRZ, FRS, WRX, Civic, Miata, EVO X, 370Z, S14 Front, EVO X, 370z, S14 Rear, Miata, S13, S14, RX7, RX8, S2000, 2015+ WRX, S2000, 2015+WRX, STI, 2015 WRX, WRX, Forester, FRS, BRZ