RAYS VOLK Racing TE37SL Pressed Double Black

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Product Description

We are proud to introduce a new line up to the TE37 series. These are Volk Racing’s new TE37SL Pressed Double Black wheels.

They are Mold Form Forged 1pc wheels (19 inch reverse rim).
Mold Form Forged is the highest wheel manufacturing technology in the world which is also what Rays is known for.

JWL+R Spec 2 (Japan wheel safety standards (2 levels) + Rays Japan’s very own safety standards on top)

Colors: Pressed Double Black (PW)
(Semi Gloss coat)
Included: Air Valve (Black)
Spoke Sticker: Metal Black
Rim Sticker: Metal Black

Performance of a tuned machine continues to rise with wide tread of the tire is progressing in every category. The conqueror Volk Racing state-of-the-art sports wheel, corresponds to every trend. The answer was 400 grams lighter than the original model with the latest technology of stifness anaylysis.


This special version of the TE37 is even lighter than the original TE37. According to Rays, on a 18×10.5 size, the weight of the TE37 SL has been reduced by 400grams when compared to the original TE37. They accomplished this by shaving down certain areas of the wheels, primarily near the back of the spokes and center. Through special mold form tooling technology, they were able to maintain the strength and rigidity. Please note, this version of the T37 does not have a compatible center cap.