RAYS VOLK Racing TE37Ultra 20×9.0 +44 / 20×12.0 +58 5×130 Porsche (Turbo body)

$5,019.00 $4,899.00

Price for set of four wheels + fours stems.  Use “rays5off” for additional discount.

Product Description

RAYS VOLK Racing TE37Ultra (Forged monoblock)

Though it has succeeded in the 6-spoke design of the TE37 excellent in stress dispersion, it is a form which made everything new. R35 GTR, Porsche 911 Enhancement of lineup for high performance car installation. Besides weight saving, further high strength and high rigidity are the strongest in Bourke’s history. Furthermore, the function of running, such as knurling to suppress the slippage of the tire, of course, is exactly Ultra model, regardless of detail such as NC machining ring and 3D machining logo (patent pending).

  • Forged Monoblock, Lightweight
  • Bridge between the spokes allows for extreme rigidity
  • Overhang and pocket carving on hub area allow for extreme lightness while retaining rigidity
  • Machined Volk Racing logo branding now standard
  • Knurled bead seat for anti tire slip and maximum traction

Fitments: Porsche Turbo Body, 997, 911, GT3, GT4

F: 20×9.0 +45mm 5×130 (Face 2 concave)
R: 20×12.0 +58mm 5×130 (Face 3 concave)

Color: Diamond Black

Note: Price for set of four wheels + four stems.  Use “rays5off” for additional discount.

Center Caps are optional Accessory