WORKS BELL RAPFIX GTC “Steering wheel Flip up”

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Product Description

Born of long, long years of experience, a variety of broad-range functions.
Get on and off with ease from cars equipped with bucket seats or sports type seats by tilting up the steering wheel. Furthermore, work with ease on the dashboard and foot pedal area hitherto unreachable.

Uses ball lock system to realize both design appeal and functionality.
Tilt type steering system employs patented ball lock system and developed based on the performance tested one touch steering attachment-detachment system “RapFix”. Through the application of the patented features of RapFix, and using a ball to join the concave and convex sections, smooth connection and reduction of chatter are realized. In the same way with RapFix, equipment parts of high stability and reliability have fully developed. Ball lock system RapFix GTC incorporates powerful high technology in each part. The new work of pride by Works Bell and Night Pager.
Taking pains not to sacrifice safety and comfort.

“Two-step lock” is employed as a measure in cases of emergencies. For as long as the safety trigger is not made to slide, the lock is not released. Hence, the steering wheel does not tilt up with inadvertent contact while driving. Further, a tilted steering wheel is suspended (stopped) in about 6 stages depending on how the plunger mechanism is engaged. The steering wheel can be suspended at the position desired depending on the meter hood and other characteristic features of the car type. Furthermore, a “horn button” may also be used. The horn terminals are built-in inside the main body (plug) of the product and in the tilt-up section (socket). When tilted up, electric current to horn switch is cut-off. When tilted down current is restored through a contact point specific to the purpose.
Superior advantages over existing products

In many of the products of other companies with similar functions, suppression of chatter due to radial load for steering is made difficult by structural problems and sacrificing reverse, steer-ability, steering feel and other factors that bring about the comfort of tilt up. In RapFix GTC, however, the use of B.L.S. (ball lock system) made it possible to realize surpassing quality in existing products.
How to Use

Tilt-up (tilt-up)
1. Pull down the safety trigger (red lever) and release the ball lock system (safety device).
2. Pull up the lever under the conditions in 1, tilt-up the steering wheel.
Push the tilted up steering wheel, and push the socket (steering wheel) downwards until the ball lock system (safety device) locks.


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