ZETA III Drift King Limited Edition

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Product Description


Special Model with Production Overseen by Keiichi Tsuchiya, The Drift King

The ZETAIII KING is based on the ZETAIII, the standard racing seat model from BRIDE. BRIDE has been a consistent supporter of driver safety and countless victories over the years in all facets of the motorsports scene. This is a special model with production overseen by Keiichi Tsuchiya, a man who has favored BRIDE seats for 35 years from the company’s founding until the present day. The seat’s shell is an FRP silver shell, and the fabric, which stretches all the way around to the back of the seat, is marked with lines in Keiichi Tsuchiya signature color of green and includes embroidered letters spelling “KING” and “SHOKUNIN” (craftsman), which are his nicknames in the drifting world.

FIA approved model

Like the ZETAIII standard model, the ZETAIII KING is an FIA approved model able to be used in a large number of motor sports.


The “King” model fans have been waiting for.

The seat design has a black base, with lines in Keiichi Tsuchiya image color, green, arranged on it. The name and nickname of BRIDE Seats’ advisor, the former Car Racer Keiichi Tsuchiya, are embroidered into many parts.